Why LeBron James not signing contract extension, which could be troubling news for the Lakers

Even LeBron James' harshest critics have to admit to a basic fact of his career:  

The man has always lived up to his contractual obligations. 

In 19 NBA seasons, James never asked for a trade...

...only joining a new team after becoming an unrestricted free agent. 

Of course, if he can use the threat of free agency to keep the GM in win-win mode... 

he's probably gearing up to use that strategy again. 

the request isn't really necessary  

As of Thursday, Aug. 4, James, currently only under contract for the 2022-23 season... 

...is eligible to re-sign with the Lakers. 


The deal, which could be worth $97 million over two years, gives James now guaranteed money (not something he needs) while Los Angeles can continue to build a team around him. 


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