Three reasons the Padres are unlikely to repeat last September's collapse

In September 2021, the San Diego Padres appear to be following their desired arc.  

The Padres have won 10 games by over .500 at the start of the final month of the regular season and are in a playoff spot in the National League. 

The revived Padres finished the playoffs in a shortened 2020 season...

...with the highest winning percentage in franchise history. 

This is what it generally looks like. 

Presser again took bold steps to strengthen the team. 

If anything, 10 of the 0.500 games leading up...

In the following offseason, general manager A.J. the final month of the regular season were underperforming. 

However, things soon got worse. The Padres are 7-21 from Sept. 1 through the end of the 2021 regular season, with their opponents leading by 53 points. 


They were out of the playoffs just over a week after the regular season, and soon after, manager Jayce Tingler was fired after two seasons on the job. 


Preller's job security also appears to have taken a hit.