NFL Week 11 Power Rankings: Bengals, Cowboys, Patriots stumble - We head into Week 12

Week 11 of the NFL changed things up for the top playoff contenders,  

and some underperforming teams, surprising or not, remained frustrated throughout the season.  

NFL Power Rankings Week 12

The Eagles showed their resilience in just one week after losing Game 1 to the road to defeat the Colts. 

1. Philadelphia Eagles 9-1 (last week: 1)

The Chiefs need a lot of Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce to beat the Chargers,...

2. Kansas City Chiefs 8-2 (2)

The Dolphins enjoyed a reunion, resting their rushing offense with a dynamic catch-and-rush duo of Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle, along with Jeff Wilson Jr. and Raheem Mostert. 


3. Miami Dolphins 7-3 (4)

The Bills were unnerved by the odd midweek practice schedule and their game being rescheduled for a late trip to Detroit.  


4. Buffalo Bills 7-3 (5)

The Cowboys beat Minnesota with a volatile, dynamic offense centered around Dak Prescott. 


5. Dallas Cowboys 7-3 (10)

what is that? The Vikings' defensive problems ultimately got them into trouble in Dallas' offense, which couldn't make the run or dodge another unlikely comeback 


6. Minnesota Vikings 8:2(3)

The Titans have a solid, disciplined, tide-breaking game plan against the Packers at Lambeau Field on Thursday night in their bid for another AFC South title.  


7. Tennessee Titans 7-3 (7)

The Bengals found more backup punch around Joe Burrow, and they're gearing up for bigger things if Ja'Marr Chase returns anytime soon. 


9. Cincinnati Bengals 6-4 (13)

After a crushing loss to the Buccaneers in Munich, the Seahawks regrouped offensively and defensively. 


10. Seattle Seahawks 6-4 (11)

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NFL Week 11 Power Rankings: Bengals, Cowboys, Patriots stumble - We head into Week 12