La Liga News: David Alaba on the leaders of Muller, Florentino Perez, Benzema and Real Madrid

Since joining Real Madrid, David Alaba has quickly established himself as one of the key leaders in a squad full of superstars. 

The Austrian, known for his voice during his time at Bayern Munich, was asked if he was still an instant communicator for Los Blancos. 

It's part of my game. 

It's a requirement of me, but it's also a requirement of myself," 

"I've had a lot of communication on the court since day one. 

he gave orders, as he did not join Carlo Ancelotti's 

team as he speaks fluent Spanish. 

The versatile defender was also asked what language 

My commands in the field are already working well in Spanish. 

For the first few weeks, I gave it my all in language class. 


It was very important for me to learn the basics quickly. 


Now I can have a good chat with my teammates.