Hamilton to become one of the Denver Broncos' owners in $24 billion NFL deal

With the final chapter of the Denver Broncos purchase process by Rob Walton... 

...the businessman heir to the Walmart chain, scheduled for next Tuesday (9)...

...the Walton-Penner Group announced on Tuesday (2) that it has a new (and famous) investor to join the adventure. 

According to Waltor, six-time Formula 1 world champion driver Lewis Hamilton will be one of the owners of the franchise. 

The Brit will join Condoleezza Rice, former US Secretary of State, who joined the investor group in July. 

"We are delighted to welcome seven-time F1 world champion Sir Lewis Hamilton to our ownership group," Rob Walton said in a statement. 

"He is a competitor and a champion..."

...who knows like few others what it takes to lead a championship team," he added.


The greatest champion in the history of Formula One alongside Germany's Michael Schumacher, Hamilton holds the absolute record for the number of victories in the sport: 103. 


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