Counting on Justin Herbert in NFL MVP race

For a club that never won the Super Bowl, the Chargers have incredible quarterback talent. 

Dan Fouts is a Pro Football Hall of Famer and will likely be joined by Drew Brees and Philip Rivers if he is eligible to play in the next few years. 

...the Chargers quarterback has never won the MVP award.

Running back LaDainian Tomlinson was still the only Flash to win.. 

But despite a string of elite games at the top of the game,  

However, the drought will soon end. 

In fact, I'd be willing to bet it will end with Justin Herbert this year. 

...the NFL's most prestigious individual award in 2006. 

Some of my favorite live games this weekend:

Cowboys (+2½) vs. Buccaneers: As we all know, I predict the Buccaneers will drop.  


Now is the time to take advantage of their inflated odds. In Tampa's NFL kickoff game last season, they hit a fine last-minute shot to beat the Cowboys. 


Now they're playing in Dallas with an injury-plagued offensive line and scoring.