Chargers drop popular fan favorite before giving him a snap in 2022

The Los Angeles Chargers made some interesting decisions about the 53-man roster ahead of the 2022 season that carried over into the season itself. 

The Chargers' move was not well-received on social media after a 1-0 win over the Las Vegas Raiders this season. 

..nose tackle Breiden Fehoko in favor of... 

...promoting Christian Covington to the active roster. 

Los Angeles will drop fan-favorite...

...get Fejoko back on the practice roster, but all 31... 

...other teams can add him to their active roster 

Hopefully the Chargers can... 

After the preseason,  

...Fejoko made his 53-man roster debut against Covington, but didn't play in Week 1 due to his fitness. 


The former Notre Dame defenseman has been with the team since 2020, spending most of his time on the practice team. 


While giving up the last centre-back on a list isn't usually a newsworthy move for most fans, this one is an exception.