2022 World Cup opening match could change, teams 'disqualified' amid passing scandal

The opening match of the 2022 World Cup could change after Ecuador was caught covering up a player's fake birth certificate. 

Byron Castillo, who made eight qualifiers for Ecuador to represent Qatar...

..Chilean FA complained to FIFA in June... 

...about his true birthplace. 

...came under scrutiny after the.. 

..the player's Colombian birth certificate.. 

..refuting the claim that Castillo was born in Ecuador. 

Spanish media Marca later discovered... 

The right-back said...

...in an interview that he was actually born in 1995, not 1998 as stated on his Ecuadorian birth certificate. 


In a shocking revelation, he also confirmed his real name is Bayron Javier Castillo Segura, further corroborating his Colombian birth certificate. 


Castillo can also be heard explaining his decision to leave Colombia, adding: "I crossed the border because the Tumaco team was playing in San Lorenzo.