The Dallas Cowboys are recognized as the most valuable sports franchise with $7.64 billion – Check it out

The Dallas Cowboys are recognized as the most valuable sports franchise with $7.64 billion - Check it out
The Dallas Cowboys are recognized as the most valuable sports franchise with $7.64 billion – Check it out

Jerry Jones says he would never sell the Dallas Cowboys. If he changes his mind, Sportico values it at $7.64 billion, making it the most valuable team in all of sports.

The Cowboys have a $630 million lead over the second-place New York Yankees, according to Sportico.

Sportico’s calculations come from interviews with more than 30 bankers, lawyers, team executives, owners and consultants, and public documents involved in the sport. The average NFL team is worth $4.1 billion, an 18 percent increase over last year.

The Denver Broncos were sold to the Walton-Penner family ownership group for $4.65 billion, according to sources. The sale will be approved at the next owners meeting. The award is a North American sports franchise record.

Sixteen NFL teams are valued at at least $4 billion, compared with seven in other U.S. sports leagues, including four in the NBA and three in the MLB.

According to Sportico, the total value of NFL franchises is $132 billion, which includes team-related businesses and owner-owned real estate.

The Cowboys, Los Angeles Rams and New England Patriots own real estate development and other businesses, making them the three most valuable teams in the NFL. The Cowboys have a hotel business with the Yankees, Legends, and partnerships with a number of NFL teams. This offseason, it became the first NFL team to strike a sponsorship deal with cryptocurrency firm

“Sport may not be for everyone, but it’s truly fertile ground for those who love it,” executive vice president Stephen Jones told Sportico. “Whether it’s a legend platform, a real estate platform or a technology platform, we see that you can use The Star, Cowboys and Sport to really improve your business.”

The 10 most valuable teams are the Cowboys ($7.64 billion), New York Jets ($4.8 billion), Washington Commanders ($4.78 billion), Philadelphia Eagles ($4.7 billion) and Denver Broncos ($4.65 billion).

The Cincinnati Bengals, who made it to the Super Bowl last season, were the lowest-rated team at $2.84 billion.

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