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Patrick Mahomes Explains How He Duped Andy Reid Into Drafting Him, With a Little Help From Matt Nagy



Patrick Mahomes Explains How He Duped Andy Reid Into Drafting Him, With a Little Help From Matt Nagy

Patrick Mahomes Explains How He Duped Andy Reid Into Drafting Him, With a Little Help From Matt Nagy

Andy Reid and the Kansas City Chiefs traded choices No. 27 and 91 (third round) to the Buffalo Bills in 2017 to move up to No. 10. The Chiefs picked Texas Tech quarterback Patrick Mahomes with that pick. Four Pro Bowl appearances, 22,526 passing yards, 180 touchdowns, two Super Bowl appearances, and one Lombardi Trophy later, the rest is history.

While the Chiefs appear to be geniuses for selecting the son of a former Major League Baseball relief pitcher who is building a resume that could be the greatest of all time, the marriage between team and quarterback may not have happened if Mahomes and then-Chiefs offensive coordinator didn’t conspire to help the college QB impress his future head coach.

Patrick Mahomes recounted how Matt Nagy assisted him in impressing Andy Reid.

Matt Nagy is most known for his tenure as the much-maligned head coach of the Chicago Bears, where he presided over the unsuccessful Mitchell Trubisky era. Nagy’s four seasons as quarterbacks coach and one as offensive coordinator under Andy Reid earned him the position as head coach.

While Nagy mostly coached Alex Smith during his one season as OC in Kansas City, he was instrumental in bringing Patrick Mahomes to the team.

Mahomes spoke with All-Pro tight end Travis Kelce on his New Heights podcast, which Travis co-hosts with his brother, Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce, ahead of Week 13. Mahomes told the pod about how he became Chief of Staff.

The quarterback detailed his first meeting with Andy Reid at the Chiefs facility as the team and player prepared for the 2017 draft, during which Reid and Mahomes ran through Chiefs offensive plays so Reid could get a sense of Mahomes’ football ability.

Mahomes clearly performed well, but he admitted to Jason and Travis Kelce that he had an advantage.

“I’m just going to give you guys the inside scoop,” Mahomes said to the Kelces. “Matt Nagy, the offensive coordinator at the time, loved me so much that he provided me the plays they were going to go over the night before.” So Coach Reid is finding out right now on the New Heights podcast.”

“Of course,” Mahomes said, “I smashed the meeting.” “I spent the entire night studying those plays.”

The quarterback also said that he told Reid and company that he wouldn’t pass up the Houston Texans (who would choose Deshaun Watson) at No. 12 because he wanted to remain in Kansas City, which is why the Chiefs made the deal with the Bills.

Matt Nagy corroborated the Chiefs quarterback’s account.

Matt Nagy was sacked as head coach of the Chicago Bears after a 6-11 season in 2021. Shortly after that, he reconnected with his former employer Andy Reid in Kansas City. Nagy is now returning as Reid’s quarterbacks coach in 2022.

Following Patrick Mahomes’ New Heights interview, the Kansas City beat reporters understandably jumped on the aforementioned story and immediately questioned Nagy about it at his first media availability.

Nagy first played coy, telling reporters that it wasn’t only him who loved the Texas Tech quarterback. According to Sports Radio 810 WHB in Kansas City, the QB coach described the vibe around Mahomes as a “huge consensus” among the coaches and front office, and Reid questioning him on the plays was “just a part of the process.”

When asked if he had given the plays to Mahomes the night before, Nagy admitted, “Yeah, maybe a little bit,” before adding, “Some may have known a little bit, and some may not.”

While Nagy may not be the most popular person in Chicago, the people in Kansas City should celebrate him. We’ll never know if Reid would have fallen in love with Patrick Mahomes had it not been for Nagy’s intervention. But the fact that the assistant coach had the foresight to point his boss in the direction of Mahomes is a huge feather in Nagy’s cap.

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