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NBA league pass – Check it all out



NBA league pass - Check it all out

NBA league pass – Check it all out

NBA league pass pass is the easiest way for basketball fans to watch out-of-print NBA games all year round. You get live coverage of every regular-season game that isn’t already on local and national television, plus the ability to stream and on-demand NBA TV content.

Since it’s the off-season, now is not the best time to add NBA league pass pass to your audience list. While the service is currently priced at almost half what it would cost during the regular season, there isn’t much new content to enjoy other than a few WNBA games streamed live on NBA TV.

Keep scrolling to learn more about the different plans and features available with NBA 2K23 league pass.


  • Home and away team broadcast
  • Access all NBA game replays
  • Real-time in-stream statistics


  • Expensive price for the whole season
  • No local or nationally televised matches
  • Delayed Replay Access for Blackout Games.

What is NBA League Pass?

NBA League Pass is an out-of-print sports package available through online streaming subscriptions and add-ons from cable and satellite TV providers. With weekly on-demand access to approximately 40 live games and full game replays, the service is the go-to destination for NBA coverage.

The service offers two main subscription plans: NBA League Pass ($14.99 per month) and NBA League Pass Premium ($29.99 per month). You also get NBA TV for free when you purchase either plan directly from Save an additional $6.99 per month on channels that broadcast 24/7 basketball coverage, including exclusive NBA and WNBA regular-season games.

What differentiates the premium plan from the basic plan is the ability to watch the game without ads. For example, when a timeout occurs instead of jumping to a commercial break, the premium stream stays on stage. The premium plan also allows you to watch on two devices at the same time.

Is the NBA League Pass worth it?

Buying an NBA League Pass is only worthwhile if you want to watch out-of-market games. Browsing airtime can be tedious, but NBA League Pass is a great free service for anyone who already has access to their national and local NBA channels. Off-field access gives you around 40 live games per week that you would otherwise miss.

Plus, the service enables you to listen to any NBA game live in the event of a blackout, and if you’re feeling particularly nostalgic, it can also stream classic games on demand.

What makes NBA League Pass a dynamic service is its ability to choose between home and away teams. This is especially useful if you prefer certain play announcers.

You can also view live match statistics and watch up to four matches at a time in a mosaic view only available in a web browser. Spanish and social influencer broadcasts are also available for weekly featured contests.

Of course, the NBA League Pass also has some disadvantages. Nationally locked games are only available three hours after the game ends, and local locked games are only available three days after airing. It’s also important to note that League Pass does not include the nationally televised live NBA playoffs. WNBA games and NBA Summer League are also excluded.

Cons aside, if you’re a die-hard fan, NBA League Pass is a service you can’t live without.

NBA league passdeals and promotions

In January 2022, the NBA reduced monthly and seasonal prices for its NBA League Pass program. Regular NBA League Pass prices go from $28.99 per month to $14.99 per month, and all NBA League Pass plans start with NBA TV at no additional cost.

Unfortunately, NBA League Pass doesn’t currently offer a free trial. But there is usually a 7-day free trial option during the regular season.

NBA league pass plans and pricing

Plan Monthly price Season-long price NBA TV included Simultaneous streams
NBA TV $6.99/mo. $24.99/yr. N/A 0
NBA Team Pass $13.99/mo. $39.99/yr. No 0
$14.99/mo. $49.99/yr. Yes 0
NBA League Pass Premium $29.99/mo. $99.99/yr. Yes 2

Data effective as of post date. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

We recommend the Regular League Pass plan ($14.99 per month) for the best value. You’ll get ads during downtime and between seasons, but you’ll still get the same number of games as the premium plan. Plus, it includes NBA TV at no extra cost.

Due to the low season, NBA Team Pass is not available to new subscribers. But we’ll keep it in the mid-season pricing table above for reference.

NBA League Pass and NBA TV

NBA TV is a true TV network that broadcasts up to 100 live NBA games per season, blocked on League Pass. On the other hand, NBA League Pass is a full-fledged audio and video subscription service. Like many other TV services, NBA League Pass offers NBA TV as an add-on to give you a more immersive NBA experience. Basically, NBA TV is Scottie Pippen to Michael Jordan of NBA League Pass.

NBA TV is easier to understand if you think of it as TNT or any other typical station. It gives you a few games each week, though many of the great ones are saved for TNT and ESPN. When there are no games on NBA TV, the network typically airs classic games, studio shows and other original programming.

Meanwhile, NBA League Pass should not be considered a cable channel. Instead, it’s a subscription service that can be accessed on a variety of different platforms. You can sign up with satellite and cable providers such as DIRECTV and Xfinity to watch NBA League Pass live games on dedicated channels from these service providers. You can also sign up for League Pass online and stream its live games and on-demand content on web, mobile and TV-connected devices.

Overall, NBA League Pass and NBA TV are not competitors. When you buy the NBA League Pass directly from the NBA website, you get NBA TV for free. That’s a lot considering how much original content NBA TV produces — not to mention the extra 100 live games you can watch.

How does NBA League Pass work?
First, of course, you’ll need to sign up for the NBA League Pass, and luckily, you have plenty of options. You can sign up for the service directly online through live TV streaming services like Amazon Prime Video, YouTube TV, and Sling TV, or through traditional TV providers like DIRECTV and Xfinity. Prices and plan options may vary slightly by route. Unless you prefer a specific TV service or provider interface, we recommend purchasing directly through for the easiest sign-up process.

Once logged in, you must download the NBA app or log in to to access your League Pass content.

How to Stream NBA league pass on the NBA App

  • Search “NBA” in your device’s app store.
  • Select and download the NBA app.
  • Open the app and navigate to settings.
  • Sign in with your account or TV provider credentials.
  • Start streaming.

In the NBA app, you can select the Games tab to find past, current and upcoming games. There’s also a dedicated NBA TV tab where you can watch additional channels live or watch on-demand programming.

NBA app compatible devices

Device NBA League Pass
Amazon Fire Cube, Stick, TV
Android phones, tablets
Android TV
Apple TV (4th gen.)
Apple TV 4K
Chromecast, Chromecast with Google TV
Facebook Portal
Echo Show
iPhone, iPad
LG TVs (select models)
Nintendo Switch
PC, Mac web browsers
PlayStation 4, 5
Roku Ultra, Express, Premiere, Stick, TV
Samsung TVs (select models)
TiVo Stream
Vizio TVs (select models)
Xbox One, Series X
Xfinity Flex, X1

Last shot

At first glance, NBA League Pass comes with a hefty season price tag. The cost is particularly modest considering that not all NBA games can be streamed on the service due to regional power outages.

But we still think NBA League Pass is worth it — especially when next season starts — because it gives you as many games as possible and a wide range of on-demand league content. Also, there is no other (legal) way to watch every out-of-print NBA game.

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NBA suspends Trey Lyles and fines Brook Lopez for brawl




The NBA recently announced the suspension of Trey Lyles, a player for the San Antonio Spurs, for one game without pay, and fined Brook Lopez, a player for the Milwaukee Bucks, $10,000, both as a result of a brawl during a game between the teams on March 12.

The Incident

The brawl occurred in the third quarter of the game, when Lopez and Lyles got into a shoving match after a play. The players had to be separated by the referees and other players on the teams.

After reviewing the incident, the NBA decided to suspend Lyles for one game without pay and fine Lopez $10,000. Both players were punished for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Consequences for the Teams
The suspension of Lyles and the fine of Lopez had different impacts on the teams. The San Antonio Spurs, who are already out of the playoffs race, lost a player for the next game, which could hurt the team in terms of performance.

The Milwaukee Bucks, who are among the top teams in the league and are looking to win the championship, may feel a temporary absence of Lopez in future games. Additionally, the $10,000 fine is a financial blow for the player and the team.

The NBA’s Role in Punishing Unsportsmanlike Conduct

The NBA has a clear set of rules and guidelines aimed at maintaining a healthy and respectful environment during games. Unsportsmanlike conduct, such as brawling and heated arguments, is not tolerated by the league and is punished rigorously.

The punishment of Lyles and Lopez serves as a demonstration that the NBA takes the conduct of players on and off the court seriously, and that they will be held accountable for their actions.


In summary, the NBA suspended Trey Lyles for one game without pay and fined Brook Lopez $10,000 for their unsportsmanlike conduct during a game between the San Antonio Spurs and Milwaukee Bucks. The punishment serves as a reminder to all players that respectful conduct is paramount in the NBA, and that violating the rules will be punished.

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Lakers triumph over grizzlies in nba and secure play-in spot




Los angeles lakers beat memphis grizzlies in the nba, securing a spot in the playoff play-in tournament. in a 103-112 win, the california team was able to clinch a spot in the 9th place in the western conference, giving anthony davis and his team a chance to chase their playoff dream. davis stood out as the star of the game, scoring a double-double with 30 points and 22 rebounds. dennis schroder, rui hachimura, and austin reaves also contributed with 17 points each, playing a crucial role in the lakers’ victory.


On the other hand, the grizzlies had to go without ja morant, who is suspended from the league for conduct-related issues. jaren jackson jr. stepped up as the top scorer for the team, finishing the game with 26 points. tyus jones also played well for the grizzlies, contributing 16 points to the scoreboard.


In another game, the golden state warriors suffered another defeat, losing 128-137 to the oklahoma city thunder. despite stephen curry’s 40-point performance, shai gilgeous-alexander and his team outperformed the warriors, making it harder for them to maintain their stability in the race for the playoffs.


Anthony davis leads lakers to victory over grizzlies and sends “greedy” message to his teammates


In the absence of lebron james, anthony davis has been taking on the role of the los angeles lakers’ star player, and he proved himself once again in their game against the memphis grizzlies on tuesday night. the lakers were victorious, winning 112-103, thanks to davis’ 30 points and 22 rebounds.


Speaking after the game, davis stressed the importance of his team’s desire to win and their hunger for success. “it’s good, but we’re not satisfied. we don’t want to stop there. we want to be greedy. the guys out there are confident, and when you play basketball like that, it leads to victories.”


The lakers’ win has brought them closer to the play-in zone, with the team fighting hard to secure their place in the playoffs. as the nba regular season comes to a close, davis is eager to maintain a strong winning streak and keep his teammates motivated and greedy for success.


The grizzlies game provided the lakers with a much-needed boost in confidence after a three-game losing streak, which included a defeat against the golden state warriors. the lakers will now focus on their upcoming game against the toronto raptors on saturday, may 11th, as they continue their quest for nba glory.


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Damian Lillard Becomes Eighth Player in NBA History to Record 70-Point Performance




Lillard was absolutely unstoppable, finishing 22 of 38 from the field and 13 of 19 from beyond the arc. He also converted all 14 of his free throw attempts and committed just two turnovers without committing a foul. Blazers coach Chauncey Billups called it “one of the best offensive performances I’ve ever seen”. 


The performance was a masterpiece as Lillard kept the defense guessing all night. When they were aggressive, he drew fouls and when they were more cautious, he took advantage of the space to shoot. His passes came easy after double teams as well, making for an unforgettable performance. 


It was a special night for Lillard who said afterward that he didn’t go into the game thinking about getting 70 points but rather focusing on helping his team maintain their lead. It’s clear that his hard work paid off with this remarkable feat and it will certainly be remembered for years to come.




Damian Lillard of the Portland Trail Blazers made history on Sunday night, becoming the first player to score over 70 points in less than 40 minutes and make 10 or more three-pointers. His historic performance included a new personal-best of 71 points and also marked him as only the third player ever with multiple 60 point performances. 


The 32-year-old guard’s impressive stats were even more remarkable given that he was the oldest player to ever reach this milestone. His achievement has been applauded by both fans and fellow players alike, including former NBA champion Chauncey Billups, who said: “You have to sometimes pound your chest and show what you are capable of, and Damian proved that through his performance.” 


Lillard’s record-breaking evening has been an incredible testament to his skill and dedication throughout his career, and is sure to inspire future generations of basketball players for many years to come.



A Portland Trail Blazers guard Damian Lillard had an impressive performance on Sunday night, scoring a career-high 71 points against the Houston Rockets. Despite the Rockets’ best efforts, they were unable to stop the Blazers star from achieving the feat, as the Rockets coach Stephen Silas admitted that it was a matter of Lillard being in a great offensive state. Silas went on to say that their defense was not lacking effort and that Lillard made some really difficult shots. This historic night will certainly be remembered as one of the best performances in NBA history.




Today, the NBA made history by requiring Damian Lillard to undergo a drug test after his game. This is the first time that a player in the league has been tested for drugs and it came as a surprise to Lillard. Although he was willing to take the urine test, he admitted to being scared of needles due to his many tattoos. He joked that while having a tattoo is one thing, having a blood test is quite another. It remains to be seen whether this new policy will be implemented across the league or if it will remain specific to Lillard.

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