Major NFL training camp negotiations in the last 10 years: Take a look at some

Major NFL training camp negotiations in the last 10 years: Take a look at some
Major NFL training camp negotiations in the last 10 years: Take a look at some

Just because training camp is underway doesn’t mean NFL teams have finished streamlining their roster. Most of the big names are in place before the 2022 season, but recent history tells us that summer can still be a compelling move. Over the past decade, there have been more than a dozen training camp or preseason trades involving starters or other standouts — a rough average of just over one “blockbuster” per year.

Here’s an update on the most high-profile preseason trades since 2012:


Randall Cobb to Packers: Green Bay gave up just one pick in sixth round to retake Aaron Roger’s partner from Texans, but move still confirms A- Rod has “won” a brief power struggle with Packers Brass.

Bradley Robbie to Saints: New Orleans gave up two draft picks, including a third-round pick, to sign the former Broncos and Texans cornerback before the season started Let Dennis Allen’s defense be solidly guaranteed.


Jamal Adams to Seahawks: Jets made moves for their previous first-round pick and sent all-career safety to Seattle for a deal that includes two first-round picks, a third-round pick and Veteran Bradley McDougall’s package.

Yannick Ngakoue to Vikings: You forgot, didn’t you? Minnesota gave the Jaguars two draft picks, including a second-rounder, as a former Pro Bowl passer, but traded him to the Ravens less than two months later.


Laremy Tunsil to Texans: Miami hit the reset button, handing first-round left tackle to Houston along with receiver Kenny Stills in exchange for two No. 1s, one No. 2 and two veteran reserves.

Jadeveon Clowney to Seahawks: In desperate need of passing help, Seattle sent a third-rounder plus veteran defensive ends Jacob Martin and Barkevious Mingo to the Texans in exchange for the former No. 1 overall pick.


Khalil Mack to Bears: Reluctant to give him a lucrative new contract, the Raiders sent the star passer to Chicago along with two draft picks for a big reward — two Nos. third and sixth. Mike spent four years with the Bears before joining the Chargers this offseason.

Teddy Bridgewater vs Saints: Teddy’s skillful career forgotten is his short summer with the Jets, he signed him after his stint with the Vikings and finished sixth The grades traded him for a third-round pick from New Orleans. A year later, Bridgewater will start five games for the injured Drew Brees before cashing in with the Panthers in 2020.


Sammy Watkins joins Rams: Before re-emerging as a standout for the Chiefs, Watkins left the Bills for Los Angeles in exchange for a second-round pick and cornerback E.J. Profit. His tenure as Rams Deep Threat lasted 15 games.

Eagles’ Ronald Darby: Philadelphia handed receiver Jordan Matthews and a third-round pick to Buffalo veteran corner who spent three seasons at Green , most notably as a starter for the Eagles’ 2017 Super Bowl.


Sam Bradford vs. Vikings: Minnesota awards Eagles one first-rounder and one fourth-rounder Bradford in desperate need of quarterback help after serious knee injury at Teddy Bridgewater De, who gave up a mediocre single year as Philadelphia’s starter, should open the year as a placeholder ahead of Carson Wentz.


Logan Mankins to Buccaneers: The longtime Patriots forward went to Tampa Bay for a fourth and finished a Pro Bowl season with his new lineup before retiring. Six years later, his Pats teammate Tom Brady was an NFC South contender.


Vontay Davis joins Colts: The former Dolphins cornerback joined the Colts in exchange for second- and fourth-rounders. He then spent five years in Indianapolis, earning two Pro Bowl nods during that time.

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