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La Liga News: David Alaba on the leaders of Muller, Florentino Perez, Benzema and Real Madrid



La Liga News: David Alaba on the leaders of Muller, Florentino Perez, Benzema and Real Madrid

La Liga News: David Alaba on the leaders of Muller, Florentino Perez, Benzema and Real Madrid

Since joining Real Madrid, David Alaba has quickly established himself as one of the key leaders in a squad full of superstars.

The Austrian, known for his voice during his time at Bayern Munich, was asked if he was still an instant communicator for Los Blancos.

“I’ve had a lot of communication on the court since day one. It’s part of my game. It’s a requirement of me, but it’s also a requirement of myself,” he replied in an interview with GOAL.

The versatile defender was also asked what language he gave orders, as he did not join Carlo Ancelotti’s team as he speaks fluent Spanish.

“My commands in the field are already working well in Spanish. For the first few weeks, I gave it my all in language class. It was very important for me to learn the basics quickly.

Now I can have a good chat with my teammates. But my Spanish may not be good enough to be interviewed,” he revealed.

Staying on the topic of communication, Alaba was also asked which players he’s played with and who he thinks is the most talkative person on the court.

“Thomas Muller is on top. Maybe Dante will be closer. When I defended on the left, he played the centre-back next to me and guided me very well. I learned a lot from him.”

The 30-year-old was also asked to reveal which other players dominated the Real Madrid dressing room.

“For us, the task is shared among several players: Luka Modric, Karim Benzema and Toni Kroos are in charge of communication.”

David Alaba was also asked about his thoughts on a transfer when club legend Casemiro left the club to join Manchester United this summer.

“A year ago he was in a similar situation to me. That’s why we talked a lot. After nine years at Real Madrid, he is looking for a new challenge. I wish him all the best from the bottom of my heart.”

The Vienna-born defender, who worked with Ancelotti at Bayern Munich, was asked how the Italian coach has changed since playing in Germany.

“As a person and as a coach, he still stands for the same values ​​as he was then. The way he trains and plays football may have changed something.”

Next, the three-time Champions League winner was asked to what extent club presidents Uli Hoeness and Florentino Perez were alike.

“Both are great people who live for the club. Both want to be close to the team. Florentino Perez goes into the dressing room after every game and sometimes talks to our players after training. … Uli Hoeneß did the same. It’s important to know the players.”

The La Liga champion was also asked about his relationship with Uli Hoeness, who replied: “I came to Munich when I was 16 and had a very special relationship with him from the very beginning. He often referred me to Called into his office to give me advice or inquiries. I remember him telling me: ‘I want you to take on more responsibility on the pitch and in the dressing room.

I was always able to communicate with him very frankly. Uli Hoeness has helped me a lot as a person and as a footballer. For me, he was a great inspiration. ”

Alaba spent 12 seasons at the Allianz Arena and has also been asked to reveal his departure from the club in the summer of 2021.

“I said goodbye to him and Karl-Heinz Rummenigge in the living room of the stadium after the last game. Of course it was very emotional after such a long and successful time together.”

Bayern sporting director Hasan Salihamidzic recently admitted he made some mistakes in dealing with the departure of the club icon, and the current Los Merengues superstar was asked if he had been with the former Bosnian recently. keep in touch.

“No, we are not connected yet. Everything is fine between me and Bayern. I always like to look forward rather than backward.”

He debated whether last year’s turmoil affected his relationship with his agent and father George, as Alaba’s failed attempts to renew his contract forced him to move to Spain.

“My relationship with my dad is very close. We are in touch every day. It helps me a lot to keep me free on the important things: football.”

The Austria international was also asked if he had spoken to his father about what happened on the pitch.

“He’s played in all my home games since I was 17. After every away game he was the first person I called on the bus. Then we talked about my games and he gave me His honest opinion. The next day he sent me various stats and we discussed it in detail.”

Because his father is a musician and his sister Rose May Alaba is a singer, David Alaba was asked about the role music played in his childhood.

“I grew up with music. It’s a very important part of my family. When I was a kid, we always had music. CDs, records. Whether it was on the floor or in the car: music, Music, music. Everyone sings along.”

When asked if he had considered a career in music, the player replied: “I dreamed of a career in singing but soon realised it wasn’t going to happen. But just like music, I also liked it from the start. football.”

When asked if he could play an instrument, the 10-time Bundesliga winner revealed: “My parents tried me on the piano and guitar. But my sister obviously had a talent for it at home.”

When asked if he could still play songs on either instrument, the former Austrian Vienna star replied: “Yes, one guitar, two pianos.”

Alaba also revealed whether he attended his father’s performances as a child, saying: “Often. Sometimes behind the stage, sometimes on the side, sometimes in the front row of the audience. Memories burn in my mind. He was on the Danube Island in Vienna. The appearance at the festival was very special. To me, it was crazy how many people were looking at my dad.”

When discussing the type of music he likes, he revealed, “It’s mostly hip-hop, R’n’B and Christian worship music.”

The giants at the back of the Blancos were asked which player was the DJ in the dressing room.

“Karim Benzema. He plays all kinds of music.”

When Alaba and his sister opened a restaurant in Vienna, he was asked how the business project came about.

“My parents knew that I wanted to try gastronomy. At that time, my parents brought me an idea and I liked it very much. So we decided to open a restaurant together as a family. We all liked it very much. When I went to Vienna The restaurant was my first stop.”

As an investor in his youth club Vienna, Austria, he talks about why he has taken another step into the business world.

“Austria Vienna is my heart club. I am very grateful to the club. I know it will help in difficult times. I follow Austria closely: I watch the games and communicate with the people there.”

Asked if he planned to play in Austria one day, he confirmed: “It’s a long way to go for me. I don’t see that far into the future. I don’t know what will happen in a few years, I don’t know when my career will end.”

Additionally, an interesting revelation has surfaced as to why David Alaba has a close relationship with the Turkish giant Galatasaray.

“Yes, I sympathize with Galatasaray. As a child, I played every day in Vienna. I had many Turkish friends there. There are exactly three possibilities: Galatasaray, Besiktas and Fenerba Cut. I picked Galatasaray very quickly. I don’t remember why. I used to watch the Istanbul derby with my friends from Gala.”

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Lionel Messi’s PSG contract deal has enraged Kylian Mbappe, who wants to quit the club. – Reporting




Lionel Messi's PSG contract deal has enraged Kylian Mbappe, who wants to quit the club. - Reporting

Lionel Messi’s PSG contract deal has enraged Kylian Mbappe, who wants to quit the club. – Reporting

According to reports, Kylian Mbappe is upset over Lionel Messi’s extension at Paris Saint-Germain (PSG). Barcelona, a powerhouse in La Liga, has taken notice that the Frenchman is thinking about leaving the team.

According to a report by Mundo Deportivo, Mbappe is upset over rumors that Messi may stay at PSG longer. According to the Spanish daily, the Frenchman wants to either become the club’s major attraction or leave.

They say that the Barcelona board has taken note of the issue and that preparations are being made. The Catalan side is still experiencing a financial crisis, and rumors indicate that they will likely soon pull another lever.

Nevertheless, the club has continued to sign players for Xavi, with last summer serving as a prime illustration. Real Madrid had been connected to Kylian Mbappe up until last summer, but after the 24-year-old sensation signed a new contract with PSG, Los Blancos felt betrayed and apparently discontinued their pursuit of him.

At PSG, Kylian Mbappe dislikes Lionel Messi.

The 2022 FIFA World Cup final celebrations have been said to be the source of Kylian Mbappe’s discontent with Lionel Messi by PSG manager Christophe Galtier.

While fans from the South American team burned a coffin with the name of the PSG star on it, Argentine goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez was seen carrying a baby doll with Kylian Mbappe’s face on it.

Galtier said the following during a press conference before the Ligue 1 match versus Strasbourg:

“I make no judgments about how they celebrate; that is Argentine territory. The Argentine goalkeeper’s predicament is not mine to handle. What I witnessed in the final is what matters the most. Leo and Kylian shook hands, and Kylian demonstrated exceptional character before the trophy ceremony and after the game.”

He added:

“He congratulated Leo and the Argentine coach. I remain attached to that, the relationship between Kylian and Leo. It is not Leo who celebrated, we have to leave him out of it.”

The PSG manager continued:

“There is no need to jumble things up, and I am not required to address the goalkeeper’s actions. Kylian was really positive despite his defeat. Despite his disappointment, he managed to applaud Leo politely, which is excellent for the club.”

After the New Year, Lionel Messi will re-join Kylian Mbappe and his PSG colleagues while he is still in Argentina partying.

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Luka Doncic of the Mavericks records a triple-double in his historic comeback.

Can the resurgence of the Warriors and Lakers be kept up with by the Celtics and Nuggets?

Interest from other teams could make Chris Sale wear another shirt in 2023

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Results, highlights, and analysis from Liverpool’s win over Aston Villa.



Results, highlights, and analysis from Liverpool's win over Aston Villa.

Results, highlights, and analysis from Liverpool’s win over Aston Villa.

The 3-1 victory over Aston Villa marked Liverpool’s return to Premier League play, but they had to battle hard for their triumph in an exciting game at Villa Park.

With barely five minutes remaining, Mohamed Salah scored the opening goal for the Reds, setting a Premier League defense assist record with Andrew Robertson’s help. Just before the halfway point, Virgil van Dijk increased the Reds’ lead.

The hosts, though, more than justified the Ollie Watkins header that got them back in the game in the second half, and that scoreline did not provide a totally fair portrayal of the game up to that moment.

Unfortunately for Unai Emery, his team’s brave attempt to gain an equalizer left them vulnerable to the counterattack. Stefan Bajcetic, a replacement, sealed the win late in the contest.

Aston Villa vs. Liverpool final score

1H 2H Final
Aston Villa 0 1 1
Liverpool 2 1 3


  • LIV — Salah — 5th min
  • LIV — Van Dijk — 37th min
  • VIL — Watkins — 59th min
  • LIV — Bajcetic — 81st min

Nunez’s mixed Liverpool start continues

It is typical to point out that strikers are, at the very least, setting themselves up to attempt shots when they consistently miss opportunities.

Darwin Nunez, who might have possibly scored two hat-trick goals in Liverpool’s first two games following the World Cup, can attest to the fact that.

Unfortunately, the Uruguayan’s finishing has left a lot to be desired, and he doesn’t have a single goal to show for the raft of chances he has been involved in since returning from Qatar

Among the flaws Klopp has sought to iron out in Nunez’s game since he joined the team are his failure to finish off opponents and a concerning propensity to veer offside.

The manager still has a lot of work to do since, alarmingly, it appears that whatever advancement achieved in that direction prior to the mid-season break has been lost in the most recent weeks.

Control abandons the Reds once more

During the early part of the season, Liverpool’s inability to consistently dominate games was one of their main flaws, and it was anticipated that they would use the break to focus on improving it.

However, it is clear that they still have a long way to go based on how they played against Manchester City and Aston Villa.

Both contests turned into end-to-end brawls where the result was practically decided by the toss of a coin. If this trend continues, Klopp’s team will lose more games than they win.

By this time, it must be hard to argue that a center midfield acquisition in January will increase the likelihood of improvement on that front.

Rewarding young people’s faith

The more cynical Liverpool supporters may think that Klopp’s usage of Bajcetic here was intended to convey to the team’s owners the necessity for midfield reinforcements.

However, the Reds manager has a lot of trust in the young player and undoubtedly saw a chance to utilise him when his more seasoned heads grew weary in the face of a late Villa attack.

That bold decision was rewarded in the greatest manner imaginable when Bajcetic, in one of his few first-team appearances, calmly scored a crucial third goal late in the game.

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Liverpool vs. Manchester City Prediction, Odds, and Line: EFL Cup predictions from experts and top bets for December 22

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Liverpool vs. Manchester City Prediction, Odds, and Line: EFL Cup predictions from experts and top bets for December 22




Liverpool vs. Manchester City Prediction, Odds, and Line: EFL Cup predictions from experts and top bets for December 22

Liverpool vs. Manchester City Prediction, Odds, and Line: EFL Cup predictions from experts and top bets for December 22

The 2022–23 English League Cup fourth-round encounter between Liverpool and Manchester City at Etihad Stadium will be challenging for the defending champions. The Reds defeated Chelsea in the EFL Cup final on penalties back in February, but they also had to defeat Derby County in the third-round matchup this year on November 9. Man City won their match against Chelsea on the same day, and they want to advance after losing to West Ham in the fourth round the year before. Man City has eight EFL Cup victories, while Liverpool has a record nine. The Premier League champion Citizens are ranked second in the 2022–23 standings, five points behind Arsenal. The Reds finished second in the EPL in 2021–22 but are currently sixth, 15 points behind the Gunners.

Manchester, England is scheduled to kick underway at 3 p.m. ET. The most recent Manchester City vs. Liverpool odds from Caesars Sportsbook have Manchester City as -150 underdogs (risk $150 to win $100). Liverpool are -330 underdogs, a tie is -310, and 3.5 total goals are the set over/under. Check out Martin Green’s English League Cup predictions and best bets before committing to any Liverpool vs. Manchester City choices or EFL Cup wagers. Martin Green is a seasoned SportsLine soccer insider.

Green became a professional sports journalist and handicapper after working in the sports betting sector for a number of years. He has covered the sport internationally. His predictions for European soccer have proven accurate ever since. Since the 2017–18 season, Green has produced roughly $33,000 for $100 bettors.

The USMNT to progress (+100), Kylian Mbappe to win the Golden Boot (+900), and Netherlands, England, and Argentina to all win their groups (+210) were among Green’s winning World Cup predictions on the Early Edge.

Green has just finalized his choices and EFL Cup forecasts after thoroughly dissecting the Man City vs. Liverpool clash. To see his choices, go to SportsLine right away. The odds and trends for Liverpool vs. Man City are as follows:

  • Liverpool vs. Man City line: Man City -0.5 (-140)
  • Over/under 3.5 goals for Man City vs. Liverpool
  • Money line for Man City vs. Liverpool: Liverpool +330, Man City -150, and a Draw +310
  • In their last 10 games in all competitions, they have outscored opponents 17-6.
  • Over their last 10 competitive games, they have outscored opponents 20-6.
  • Picks for Man City vs. Liverpool: Find selections here.

Why You Should Support City of Manchester

Due to some important players taking their time getting back from the World Cup, the Citizens will be lacking some firepower. With Argentina, Julian Alvarez won a championship, and England’s Phil Foden and Jack Grealish, among others, advanced to the semifinals. Erling Haaland, whose country Norway did not qualify for the World Cup, will be eager to put on a show and City should have two of their greatest players. Kevin De Bruyne, a star midfielder for Belgium, should also be prepared to go after leaving the team early. This season, Haaland has scored 18 goals in EPL action, six more than any other player.

Ilkay Gundogan started with them in a friendly game against Girona last weekend. De Bruyne now leads the EPL with nine assists. In the 2-0 triumph, goals were scored by De Bruyne and Haaland. After scoring 21 goals in each of the previous two seasons, Gundogan now has two. Haaland and 18-year-old Carlos Borges likely start with Riyad Mahrez, who has 31 goals in the last three games. In 10 games for City’s U21 squad, the City academy product has four goals and five assists. Man City is 3-2-4 away from home this season, while Liverpool is 11-0-2 overall.

Reasons to Support Liverpool

In their last five encounters with City, the Reds are undefeated and have won the last three. Liverpool won the 3-2 FA Cup in April, the 3-1 Community Shield soon before the EPL season, and the 1-0 EPL triumph in October. The Reds have gone four games without a loss, with their lone loss coming in a 0-0 tie at Derby City. They won 7-2 against the remaining three foes. Both Mohamed Salah and Roberto Firmino, who have combined for 14 goals and five assists in 21 games across all competitions, should be available. Firmino has also scored nine goals and assisted on four others.

Although Liverpool has four less attempts than City, which has the most in the league with 244, it still leads the EPL with 87 shots that are on target. With 50 shots and 20 shots on goal, Salah and Firmino are in a three-way tie for third place in the league. The Reds’ defense will be a touch porous, but Joel Matip should be available in the center. Alisson, the goalkeeper, Trent Alexander-Arnold, a crucial fullback, and Jordan Henderson, a midfielder, all worked out this week and might all contribute. City’s starting 11 and reserves are missing a lot more players overall.

How to make predictions for Man City vs. Liverpool and the EFL Cup

Green has examined every aspect of the Man City vs. Liverpool EFL Cup game. He offers his three assured best bets and is leaning Over the goal total. One of these would pay off at a ratio of more than 2-1. At SportsLine, he solely offers predictions and analyses for the EFL Cup.

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Rodgers & Love and their Financial Futures

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