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2022 NFL roster final cuts: 32 takeaways including pressure on Trey Lance, Eagles upgrades, and more



2022 NFL roster final cuts: 32 takeaways including pressure on Trey Lance, Eagles upgrades, and more

2022 NFL roster final cuts: 32 takeaways including pressure on Trey Lance, Eagles upgrades, and more

The 2022 NFL preseason is behind, and all 32 teams have now finalized their rosters for the regular season. “Finalized” is a loose word here, considering the lineup will be optimized between now and the end of the year. But we now have a clear idea of ​​what most clubs look like in Week 1. Here are 32 key takeaways from Tuesday’s final cut deadline:

1. The pressure is on Trey Lance. Actions speak louder than words, and the 49ers happily welcomed back Jimmy Garoppolo with a revised contract, showing that Kyle Shanahan can’t quite give up his often-injured Flames. Yes, quarterback insurance is required. But imagine if you’re Lance and now have your ex back in the room, you’re not only going to win the game, but you’re going to impress everyone on and off the team.

2. The Hawks have largely improved at every position after being traded to dynamic former Saints corner corner Chauncey Gardner-Johnson. Gardner-Johnson was placed as the starting security for Game 2, starring Darius Sly and James Bradbury. Maybe there’s nothing wrong with buying the Philly hype.

3. It’s James Cook season in Buffalo, and passing specialist Duke Johnson has been fired. Devin Singletary and Zack Moss will remain the best traditional running backs, but the rookie is now ready for a legitimate role.

4. Dameon Pierce would prefer to make noise at RB, including former Colts starter Marlon Mack. Florida’s rookie product should be an easy option for top jobs, with Rex Burkhead as a complement.

5. Malik Willis’ strength last season wasn’t wasted as the Titans waived Logan Woodside as a top backup for Ryan Tannehill. Quietly, the situation bears parallels with the 2021 Lance-Garoppolo combo. It may only be a matter of time before Tennessee craves Willis’ athleticism at center.

7. Josh McDaniels doesn’t care about investing in the Jon Gruden-Mike Mayock era. 2021 first-rounder Alex Leatherwood’s performance is an acknowledgment of a poor right tackle, but trading 24-year-old cornerback Trayvon Mullen is an acknowledgment for newly created runner-up Lockjah-Sin .

8. The Jaguars do have a deeper receiving team, as evidenced by the release of Laquin Treadwell, who becomes Trevor Lawrence’s first-choice target throughout 2021.

9. The Dolphins will need an extra effort from former first-rounder Noah Igbinogny, who missed at least four games following an Achilles injury. Or just more great tracks from Xavien Howard and Jevon Holland.

10. Speaking of big CB injuries in the AFC East, it’s time for Kyle Elam to make an early impression in Buffalo, and if he recovers from a cruciate ligament injury, All-Pro Tre’ Davious White is also sure to miss at least four games with tears.

11. Brian Robinson Jr. joined the commanders’ active-duty roster days after being shot in an attempted carjacking, confirming that he’s expected to play a major role on their offensive line. The rookie clearly surpassed Antonio Gibson as Washington’s primary ball-handler in the summer.

12. The Panthers were made to play some rough, dunk-style football. They already have Christian McCaffrey and D.J. Moore, and now Jacksonville’s Laviska Shenott has been released from the trade as a major outlet for Baker Mayfield.

13. Taking inspiration from their NFC East brothers in Dallas, the Giants rolled the dice on QB health and depth and cut the string on Davis Webb’s second drive into the city, leaving only Daniel The battered Tyrrold Taylor allowed by Jones. Webb, on the other hand, is likely to return to training.

14. Josh Gordon’s NFL career could come to an end after his release from the Chiefs, who were eagerly awaiting help from WR after an offseason deal with Tyreek Hill. The 31-year-old has completed all 12 passes in 17 games over the past three seasons.

15. Tyler Johnson’s career may have just begun after an earlier fifth-round pick was unexpectedly eliminated from the crowded Buccaneers WR room. As the main threat from Minnesota, he is seen as a popular target for development options after a relatively quiet two years in Tampa Bay.

16. It’s safe to say that both Chase Edmonds and Raheem Mostert could have decent workloads in Miami, and the Dolphins said goodbye to Sony Michel before the former Patriots and Rams starters broke the regular-season single game. Edmonds had plenty of money to leave Arizona in the spring, while Most worked under Mike McDaniel.

17. While RBs are as interchangeable as ever (see: Michel, Sony), the veteran market has a new plug-and-play option in Phillip Lindsay, who can’t beat the ponies behind Jonathan Taylor and Nyheim Hines. You may do worse with RB2 or RB3.

19. The Jets weren’t happy with the trade offer they received for Denzel Mims, a former second-rounder who was eliminated in the preseason finale. But she still has time to hang it before or early in the 2022 season.

20. Pittsburgh’s edge is slightly better, and they traded picks for a couple of low-post veterans: Jesse Davis at guard and Malik Reed at edge. The former started at all O-Line positions except center in his four years with the Dolphins, while Reed quietly accumulated 13 sacks in his final two seasons with the Broncos.

21. Shaquille Leonard, formerly known as Darius, is expected to miss the least amount of time after avoiding being labelled “physically unplayable.” He had back surgery this summer. A detour into the IR cannot be ruled out, but it seems far-fetched.

22. The Vikings were really unhappy with Karen Mond’s development, cutting the former three-rounder for just one year of his career and handing him the No. 2 spot behind Kirk Cousins. To the newly acquired Nick Mullens.

23. The Broncos are still seeing something in Brett Rypien, who is said to replace Russell Wilson when Josh Johnson is released. Or they’re planning an extra move at the position after the other team cuts.

24. Like their Minnesota counterparts, the Lions were unhappy with what happened at the backup QB position, cutting former Packers backup Tim Boyle and temporarily seeking insurance from David Blough for Jared Goff. swallow?

25. Jalen Regor likely has a future in Philadelphia. The 2020 first-rounder, teaming up with A.J. Brown and DeVonta Smith has really energized the WR space, survived recent cuts, and would probably be better off without the pressure at the top of Nelson Agholor’s depth chart years ago.

26. Buccaneers center Ryan Jensen may be safer than expected this season despite a serious knee injury during training camp. That’s because Tampa Bay reportedly waived veteran safety Logan Ryan, intending to move Jansen to IR soon, re-signing Ryan and hoping to have Jansen return for the regular season.

27. OJ Howard came out of Alabama probably not the kind of catcher that everyone imagined. If that wasn’t obvious during his Bucs games, maybe now is after the Bills let him go after a summer.

28. Mike McDaniel believes in Skylar Thompson’s potential. The rookie seventh round dominated the preseason, clinching a 53-man berth behind Tua Tagovailoa and Teddy Bridgewater rather than passing up a possible move to the practice squad.

29. Chargers corner J.C. Jackson may be ready to avoid the PUP early, even though he recently had ankle surgery that could keep him out for up to a month. This is still the official way to qualify for Week 1.

30. Lance McCutcheon’s preseason was no fluke, at least in Sean McVay’s eyes, as he kept the Montana State raw in his WR room while Van Jefferson recovered from knee surgery.

31. Despite a slow start to camp and the preseason, the Chiefs’ RB room is as unpredictable as former Buccaneers starter Ronald Jones. He could spend time with Clyde Edwards-Helaire, Jerick McKinnon and Isiah Pacheco.

32. Getting excited about real football is finally okay. Let’s go!

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The best adds for week 17 of Fantasy Football 2022




The best adds for week 17 of Fantasy Football 2022

The best adds for week 17 of Fantasy Football 2022

Time to open week 17 of the 2022 NFL season with a lot of things to settle in our beloved league before the postseason begins. There are still open wild card spots left and some divisions have yet to know their winners. With only two rounds left in the regular season, we will still see “fights” on several fronts.

In our favorite virtual game, things are a little different. It is time for the grand finals in most fantasy football leagues, with some GMs still fighting for “bronze medals” and others for better placements. And since nobody likes to lose, today’s tips are not only for the grand finalists, but for everyone trying to finish higher on the “podiums”.

Whether it is to compete for the grand final or even an honorable third place, the waiver wire is once again necessary for those who aim to strengthen their team with an eye on the most important duel of the whole season. So, once again The Playoffs is here, being your best friend to help you find a good name to replace a considerable loss or even a player hidden in the huge waiver wire list that can contribute to your success in the “hour of truth”.

It’s worth remembering that you can’t be too careful when giving up a name in order to add a player via waivers, since placing a certain athlete on the market can mean an unwanted improvement to an opposing team.

To be eligible in our list, players have to be on, at most, 60% of the Fantasy Football squads, which is the most popular and famous platform among Brazilians.

It is also possible that the names mentioned here are in a higher or lower percentage of squads in other applications, such as Yahoo, ESPN and Sleeper, although the tendency is that the average is similar.

Again, we reiterate that we use as a parameter the PPR score (when points are computed per reception), again because it is the standard and most famous model, currently, of the game, having stolen the “crown” of the old Standard (or non-PPR) in recent years.

With that and without further ado, let’s get to the names for the week 17 – FOR TITLE MY FRIENDS!


Tyler Allgeier – Atlanta Falcons (17.3% rostered*)

With four consecutive losses in the league and no chance of qualifying for the playoffs, the Atlanta Falcons are no longer contending for big things this year. Therefore, after the bye week, who has been gaining space in the team round after round is running back Tyler Allgeier. The freshman is increasingly participating in snaps and his number of carries has increased significantly, with him passing for 100 rushing yards in Week 15 on 17 attempts, and reaching 74 yards on 18 attempts in Week 16. The number of passes received by the youngster has also skyrocketed, with him managing four receptions for 43 yards in the last round, in five times he was targeted. The Falcons face the Arizona Cardinals, who are also not contending for anything this season and have one of the worst defenses against the run game in the entire NFL. Allgeier should deliver good points. Add him if he is available.

James Cook – Buffalo Bills (33.8% rostered)

The Bills are already guaranteed in the playoffs and have clinched the AFC East. The team is still aiming for the bye week in the first round of playoffs and for that they need to keep winning their games. Another point that Buffalo wants to find a solution for is in the ground game, perhaps the only weak point of a team that has been completely well put together so far. And that’s where James Cook comes in, who is increasingly involved in the team’s offensive game and has been matching up well. In the last game against the Chicago Bears, there were 11 attempts for 99 yards and a ground TD for the No. 28, who has been getting more and more involved and tends to take over the backfield of the team in the playoffs. He should continue to be very active and could be an important player to add to your roster.

*Percentage of teams in official NFL Fantasy leagues that have this athlete on their roster


Isaiah Hodgins – New York Giants (0.3% rostered)

The Giants are still in contention. The team’s defense has grown in production and, amazingly, Daniel Jones has been taking good care of the oval ball and making interesting starts. With the QB well protected and able to find passes, a name that has been gaining more and more action in New York’s offense is Isaiah Hodgins, who has had plenty of offensive carries in the team’s last four games. All right, the commitment now is against the Indianapolis Colts’ secondary, which is one of the strongest against wide receivers, but Hodgins is becoming Jones’ ball security and in a team that needs to win to keep dreaming, the trend is good passes from the QB to the WR. Keep an eye on him.

Jahan Dotson – Washington Commanders (7.9% rostered)

A name mentioned last week that is once again being remembered in this column due to the Washington Commanders WR’s great form. Shrouded in expectations before the season started, Dotson did not mesh well early in the year with Carson Wentz, but when the former Eagles and Colts player got injured and Taylor Heinicke took over the quarterback spot for the Commanders, Dotson’s numbers skyrocketed and the WR started to show up even more than Curtis Samuel, who was Wentz’s safety ball in the first few games of the 2022 NFL season. The freshman is coming off TDs noted in Week 15 and 16 and with a good load. He should continue to be important for Washington this final stretch, even if Wentz returns to the team as he did last round.


Cole Kmet – Chicago Bears (57.0% rostered)

That the Bears have grown during the year and displayed a better game than what we saw in the first half of the season, that no one can deny. The growth came mainly through Justin Fields, who overnight changed “from water to wine” and started to show good numbers throwing and running the ball, which we had not seen until then in the career of the once promising QB drafted by Chicago. With Fields’ growth, the direct beneficiary was TE Cole Kmet, who got a lot of carries and a significant gain in offensive carries, becoming one of the main, if not the main, offensive weapon of the Bears. In Week 17, Kmet faces the defense of the Denver Broncos, one of the worst teams in the league and the 5th worst in scoring TEs.

Juwan Johnson – New Orleans Saints (12.5% rostered)

Another name repeated around here. Juwan Johnson has grown quite a bit, especially after Michael Thomas got injured and is out for the rest of the season. As Chris Olave also suffers from physical problems, Johnson is gaining ground in the New Orleans offense and has been showing good rapport with Andy Dalton. The Saints were virtually eliminated, but managed to grow, recovered and are now fighting for a wild card spot, or even the division, since the leader Tampa Bay Buccaneers have been skating. Keep an eye on Juwan Johnson, who should have plenty of carries in this final stretch of the season.


Brock Purdy – San Francisco 49ers (27.3% rostered)

A regular around here, Brock Purdy was a real find for the San Francisco 49ers the year after the injuries to Trey Lance and Jimmy Garoppolo. I’ll say it again, the 49ers have one of the most organized teams in the entire league, with a super protective offensive line, great receivers, healthy George Kittle blocking and receiving passes, and the “icing on the cake” Christian McCaffrey, who came in during the year, running the ball or receiving passes. With so many standouts around, Purdy has stepped in and has been doing his job, keeping California’s team as one of the favorites to win the title. Some say that the team has been playing even better than when Jimmy G was the starter.

With so many lures, it is easier for Brock Purdy to find free receivers, making important points in the FF. Add him, it’s the last chance.

None of Matt Ryan, Sam Ehlinger, or Nick Foles is a solution for the Colts.

The Red-Hot Nets attribute their success to staying focused on basketball.

Results, highlights, and analysis from Liverpool’s win over Aston Villa.

JJ Watt announces NFL retirement

Pirates sign veteran pitcher Rich Hill to a one-year deal

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None of Matt Ryan, Sam Ehlinger, or Nick Foles is a solution for the Colts.



None of Matt Ryan, Sam Ehlinger, or Nick Foles is a solution for the Colts.

None of Matt Ryan, Sam Ehlinger, or Nick Foles is a solution for the Colts.

Jeff Saturday made one last adjustment. It was ineffective.

With the Indianapolis Colts’ offense sputtering, Saturday made the decision to activate Nick Foles as the starting quarterback for their game against the Los Angeles Chargers. Matt Ryan’s deterioration has been evident in recent weeks, as the Colts have struggled to move the ball down the field. Saturday believed Foles may provide a spark to the offense moving forward.

The Colts were defeated 20-3 by the Chargers despite only managing 173 yards of total offense. Foles struggled throughout the whole game, going 17 of 29 (59%) for 143 yards, three interceptions, and a 31.9 quarterback rating. For the majority of the evening, Foles resembled the third-string quarterback the Colts have used for the majority of the season.

Despite all the speculation about how Foles might assist the Colts in moving the ball down the field, nothing of the kind occurred Monday night. Michael Pittman Jr.’s 19-yard reception was the game’s longest play. The Colts had a dismal 0-10 record on third down. The only team this season with a worse third down conversion rate? The Colts lost to the New England Patriots in Week 9 and finished with a record of 0-14.

After the game, Saturday stated, “Pretty straightforward – can’t turn it over.” You know, you can’t leave the defense on the field, so you have to convert on third downs offensively, get them off the field.

Again attempting to bear the burden, the Chargers’ quarterback Justin Herbert was sacked four times and forced into two fumbles. However, it is hard to compete when the offense is as terrible as it was on Monday night.

Foles said, “I believe we never found a rhythm as an offense. “I believe the points are clear. Three points is never going to be sufficient, to be honest. As a result, our offensive never really found its groove. And the quarterback is where it all begins. We also need to play well the whole game to attempt to establish a rhythm.

The truth is that under these conditions, Foles was never going to succeed. You can discuss Foles’ incredible 2017 campaign, in which he entered at the tail end of the campaign and guided the Philadelphia Eagles to a championship. However, Foles was surrounded that season by a fantastic Eagles squad. Not the Colts.

The Colts’ protection problems again as they allowed seven sacks in the game. The Colts have already allowed 56 sacks in 2022, and they are currently on track to surpass the previous high mark set by the team in a single season. Even while Saturday suggested that some of those sacks could have resulted from field coverage further back, Foles’ pocket continued to open up fast.

Along with playing alongside players he is still getting acquainted to, Foles was under pressure for the duration of the game. Early last week, it was made public that before the Chargers game, Foles will practice with the starting offense for the first time. Alec Pierce, Parris Campbell, and Pittman received some of his few passes.

The moment a shift occurs, Foles said, “you step in and try to become acclimated as fast as you can and, you know, get the timing down and everything.” “Our practice week was incredibly productive. It’s disappointing that the execution fell short of what we required to win this game.

It was almost hard for Foles to walk in and perform effectively in that circumstance. When you add it to the experienced quarterback’s poor choices and misfires, the offense had the worst appearance in the NFL. The Denver Broncos, the only club with a lower scoring average (15.5) than the Indianapolis Colts (16.5), at least managed to score a touchdown in their lopsided defeat to the Los Angeles Rams. After the game, their head coach was sacked as well.

The Colts’ roster contains no quarterbacks who can save this squad. Father Time has finally caught up with Ryan, who now throws with little to no velocity, struggles to handle the football, and appears to be moving more slowly than ever. Despite having a better arm, Foles struggles to move properly and makes terrible judgments while playing football with players with whom he has barely ever practiced.

You might argue that having Sam Ehlinger start again would be beneficial, but there is little hope that he would inspire the offense either. Early in the season, Ehlinger made two starts and went winless, including the humiliating loss in New England that ended the reign of previous head coach Frank Reich. Ehlinger is still the backup quarterback because evidently Saturday and the rest of the staff do not believe he can do any better.

Because the rest of the offense is a disaster, none of these quarterbacks are the solution. There are still protection difficulties with the offensive line, tight ends, and running backs. Defenses are sitting on every route because the Colts’ passing strategy and play-calling are so basic. None of the three quarterbacks can improve the offense to a level that would offset these problems.

Unfortunately, the crime cannot be corrected this year. For the Colts to have a reliable attack once more, new coaches and players at crucial spots are required. Expect a lot of the same play from this unit during the next two games up to that point.

The best Fantasy Football 2022 additions for Week 13

The Red-Hot Nets attribute their success to staying focused on basketball.

Results, highlights, and analysis from Liverpool’s win over Aston Villa.

Chargers defense shuts out Colts in a perfect performance as they go farther into the playoffs.

Liverpool vs. Manchester City Prediction, Odds, and Line: EFL Cup predictions from experts and top bets for December

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JJ Watt announces NFL retirement



JJ Watt announces NFL retirement

JJ Watt announces NFL retirement

JJ Watt is hanging up his boots. On Tuesday (27), the Arizona Cardinals defensive end announced that he is retiring from the NFL, via a post on Twitter.

“Koa’s (defensive end’s daughter) first NFL game, last home game of my career,” wrote the star, posing in photos alongside his daughter and wife, Chicago Red Stars forward Kealia. “My heart is filled with nothing less than love and gratitude. It has been an absolute honor and pleasure.”

A three-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year, Watt is a future Hall of Famer. He was the 11th overall pick in the 2011 Draft by the Houston Texans. There, he played until the end of the 2020 season, when he announced his move to Arizona.

In Texas, he played 128 games, including eight for the playoffs, adding 21 more for the Cardinals, one of them for the postseason, in last year’s Wild Card round against the Los Angeles Rams. In all, there are 149 starters on the field, 111.5 sacks, 580 tackles, 191 tackles for loss of yardage, 313 QB hits, one safety, and two interceptions.

When it comes to awards, the list is also extensive. He was three times named AP Defensive Player of the Year (2013, 2015 and 2016), once Walter Payton Man of the Year (2018), 2017 Sportsman of the Year, five times selected to the Pro Bowl (2012 to 2015 and 2018) and six times to the All-Pro team (2012 to 2015 and 2018).

None of Matt Ryan, Sam Ehlinger, or Nick Foles is a solution for the Colts.

The Red-Hot Nets attribute their success to staying focused on basketball.

Results, highlights, and analysis from Liverpool’s win over Aston Villa.

Chargers defense shuts out Colts in a perfect performance as they go farther into the playoffs.

Pirates sign veteran pitcher Rich Hill to a one-year deal

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